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Stationary concrete batching system to load portable mixing trailers
Small scale concrete batching system and mix trailer

The portable concrete batching system for remote building projects
Cart-Away Batching System
Mixing trailer used with a Cart-Away Batch Plant

Automated Concrete Batch Systems

The Cart-Away Batch Loader or CBL is the most efficient and accurate automated batching plant used for dispatching portable concrete mixer trailers. Cart-Away dry belt loader systems are in rental stores, landscape material yards and building supply locations all around the US and Canada. These automated batching systems service hundreds of concrete mixer trailers every day and help thousands of contractors and homeowners to save on short load delivery fees.

The dry batch loader combines the cement powder, the sand and the rock through synchronized conveyor belts and into the drum of a concrete mixing trailer. These dry materials are joined with the water from the CBL batching plant to create the ready-mixed concrete that customers take to their job sites in the towable concrete mixers. The mixing of the water and the dry materials is done in the drum of the trailer as the unit is towed down the road.

The dry loading batch plant is cleaner than older wet-auger batchers that were common in the past and loaded older U cart style tub trailers. In fact, many of the U-cart style batch plants have been converted over to the new dry batch loaders by the Cart-Away service department. Cart-Away eliminated the auger mixing component of the trailer batching system and replaced it with cleaner and more efficient conveyors. This step has reduced wear-part replacement costs and has made clean-up between batches much easier. The new dry batching plants also have cut the trailer loading time in half, allowing 1-yard trailers to be filled in only 2-minutes with the CBL.

Cart-Away automated concrete batching units are available in single hopper or double material hopper configurations. Single hopper units are best for batching a pre-mixed aggregate. These pre-mixed materials consist of a combination of sand and rock that comes from the quarry with 50/50 or 60/40 ratios of sand and gravel combined in a single delivery. If the pre-mixed aggregates are available then only one storage bin is needed to service the ready-mix operation. In many areas the quarries do not blend a pre-mix so there will need to be two aggregate storage areas. In these areas the dual hopper is better suited for areas where pre-mix is not readily available.

Regardless of the configuration of hoppers, the Cart-Away CBL batch plant comes with several standard features:

Loads one yard in just 2-minutes
Cleaner operation than wet concrete blenders
Reduced wear parts
Swinging loading conveyor
Conveyor working in a concrete batching systems, loading mixer trailer Cart-Away CBL 1 batching system used to load portable concrete mixing trailers
An advanced material loading system built for the trailer-based concrete industry


units are available depending on your specific needs. Double hopper units have the ability to carry multiple aggregate mixes or to blend two different aggregates.

allows the conveyor to move in a 120 degree arc and load trailers from different positions.

of as many as five trailers. This can save time on a busy day. The swing-arm conveyor can move quickly between the pre-positioned trailers.

loads a yard of dry concrete material into a rotating drum trailer in two minutes.

into the mixing trailer drum yields a much cleaner concrete operation.

means over $1,500 in parts replacement cost savings per year over the old wet auger mixers

gives the tractor operator a bigger target during loading and keeps the mess out of the yard. Piles of gravel on the ground are common with older systems.

Mixtures based upon volume of materials
Extra wide 9’ material hoppers
29 inch X 13 foot long swing-arm loading conveyor.
6 to 8 cubic yard aggregate storage hoppers.
15 or 20 hp. 3 ph. Electric motor (230/460 volt AC 60 amps)
Multi pump hydraulic system
8’ or 8’8” aggregate hopper load-over height
Approximately 300 sq. ft. plant and silo footprint
200 barrel cement silo (sold separately)
EPA approved bag air cleaner (with silo)
Portable silo, optional
10’ dia. Cement silo, 20’ high
Length: 22’ (single hopper with conveyor down.
Width: 8’
Shipping weight: 6,000lbs

Specifications subject to change without notice

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