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Give your Customer
a Batch Ticket

New Sales Opportunities

Open new market opportunities with the BatchKing conversion. You can now offer a batch ticket as proof of your concrete quality and consistency. This will allow you to provide concrete to a broader customer base and grow sales.

Many cities and other specified construction projects require a concrete batch ticket to be offered for quality control.

Until now, Cart-Away, Trailer-Haul and U-cart loading plants could not offer a ticket to these demanding projects. Now with BatchKing more customers will be able to use your service and your sales will go up.

Batch Specifications

Your BatchKing tickets provide great details of the mixture that is delivered in your concrete mixing trailers. Customers will see the amount of cement, water and aggregates in the load, each by weight. There is a date and time stamp, along with a ticket number for recordkeeping. The ticket lists the quantity ordered and even spells out the water to cement ration in order in compliance with ASTM C685/C685M requirements.

There are opportunities to list the concrete additives included in the mix. It lists the moisture content of the aggregates and the adjustments that were made in water for the mix.

Each ticket prints with your company name and location so that your customer can comply with any recordkeeping requirement for the job.

• Cement weight
• Aggregate weight
• Water weight
• Water/Cement ratio
• Moisture content
• Additive tracking
• Date / Time
• Recordkeeping
• ASTM compliance
• Branding

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