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In September of 1966, Betsy and George McClintock started McClintock Metal Fabricators in San Jose, California. In 1974, George McClintock passed away and Betsy took over the business. Tom Vail joined the company in that year. In 1977, Tom and Marion Vail became minority owners of McClintock Metal.

In 1990, the company moved to Woodland, California, near Sacramento. In 1993, McClintock Metal bought the assets of Cart-Away Concrete Systems. Since 1993, Cart-Away products have been built in Woodland by McClintock Metal. Scott Crist, Bruce Christensen, and Monte Pardee were the recognized experts in the industry and all worked for Cart-Awayís principle competitor. Over a period of time, they all joined McClintock Metal because they were convinced that McClintock Metal was in a better position to dominate the trailered readi-mix market.


 In late 2003, Tom and Marion bought the remainder of McClintock Metal from Betsy McClintock Welsh and began planning the move of Cart-Away to Oregon. In early 2004, the assets of the Cart-Away Concrete product line were sold by McClintock Metal to the new Oregon Corporation, Cart-Away Concrete Systems, Inc. In July and August of 2004, all four families moved and began working as Cart-Away Concrete on September 16, 2004.


New McMinnville Oregon  Facilities

"Our new facilities allow us to build several batching systems at the same time and to produce concrete trailers faster than ever before. On-time deliveries and quality products continue to yield greater success to our valued customers"

- Tom Vail, President -

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