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Selling Consumables with Rentals

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It comes as no surprise that successful rental operations use every opportunity to turn a profit. That is why propane has been used as a consumable that will draw in more customers and greater profits. Ready-mix is also a successful consumable that is a great fit with your rental operation.

Rental and Ready-mix make perfect partners...
Existing rental customers enjoy the convenience of ready-mix while concrete customers take advantage of equipment rentals at one location. Both profit centers will feed business to the other and build profits.

Any investment has risks, but Cart-Away Concrete Systems have proven successful in all parts of the country and in hundreds of rental locations. Most operators report a return on investment in less than two years on equipment that will last over ten years.

Ready-mix concrete is the foundation of most construction projects, insuring unlimited demand for the service. Like propane, ready-mix is a consumable that is an excellent fit with rentals. The reward for investing in concrete is a high demand, high profit opportunity that brings in customers from the entire community and expands your business.

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