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Concrete Enhancements

Make more profit on every yard and extend your sales season into the winter… Plus, get up to $18.00 more per yard with every sale

Accelerator Additive…
For cold days or quick pours. Part #  X602
Air Additive…

For freeze/thaw protection.  Part #  X600
Fiber Reinforcing

For extra concrete strength.  Part #  X603
Delay Set Additive

For hot days or delayed pours. Part #

These concrete additives will enhance the quality of the ready-mix and increase your retail sales volume.

Delayed Set Additive

To delay the set of concrete on the job site. This allows the customer to concentrate skilled finishing work.

What is It?
Delayed Set is a delayed set admixture in powdered form. Like all Cart-Away admixtures, it is packaged in a patented water-soluble inner bag for easy addition to the mix.

When to Use It?
Use Delayed Set whenever you need to slow down the set of concrete. Keep it on hand for times when unexpected delays occur, such as when the trailer arrives too early or the job site isn’t ready. Also use it on hot days when natural curing times may be a challenge.

How Much to Use?
A good rule of thumb is that one 8-ounce bag will retard one yard of concrete for one hour. This is true for a standard mix (5 sacks of cement per yard) at concrete temperatures of 60-80˚ F.

Your Job Site
Only your customer can determine how many separate segments they want to work on, which may differ according to the size of the job, capabilities of the helpers, along with temperature and weather conditions. Included in the Directions is an example of a 3-yard pour in three segments. You can adapt from this to your own needs.     

Accelerator Additive

To speed up the set time of concrete without affecting concrete strength, durability, or color.

What is It?
It is a Non-Chloride Set Accelerator (NCA) in a powdered form. Like all Cart-Away admixtures, it is packaged in patented water-soluble inner bags for easy addition to the mix.

When to Use It?
Use on all jobs when you need to speed up set times for the most efficient scheduling of workers. Most cold-weather jobs will require a set accelerator to keep you from waiting long hours until the concrete is ready to finish.

 Accelerator Advantages

  • Speeds up your set time by 1 to 5 hours

  • Contains no chlorides

  • Will not affect concrete color

  • Does not promote corrosion of metals

  • Does not promote efflorescence

 Why Non-Chloride?
Calcium Chloride has been frequently used as an accelerator because it is cheap and speeds up set times. However, major problems with Calcium Chloride have become troublesome to the industry. You can’t
use it with colored concrete, because uneven coloration results.  It also causes more shrinkage cracks. In addition, it weakens the ultimate strength of the concrete and promotes corrosion of reinforcing steel. The job is likely to deteriorate over time, and may result in costly replacements
and damage to your reputation.



Air Additive

Air additive is used to increase the entrained air content in exposed concrete that may be subject to freeze/thaw cycles. It improves the durability of the concrete. If you increase the entrained air content to about 6%, you greatly reduce the chances of your concrete cracking or showing other damage later due to freezing and thawing.

What is it?
Air is an air-entraining admixture in powdered form. Like all Cart-Away admixtures, it is packaged in a patented, water-soluble inner bag for easy addition to the mix.

 When to Use It?
Use Air additive in all concrete that may be subject to winter freezing. For a penny or two per square foot, it is among the least expensive admixtures.


  • Makes concrete more durable

  • Enhances dispersion of integral colors

  • Decreases bleed water

  • Increased concrete workability for finishing

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