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Investment Comparison


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For about the same cost as one of these desirable pieces of construction equipment, you can be in the ready-mix concrete business.

And a successful Cart-Away system will serve about 125 customers per month and deliver over $11,000 in revenue per month.

By comparison, the rental rates on any one of these units below will vary between $2,400 and $7,600 on a monthly contract and will service only one customer at a time.

Rental and Ready-mix make perfect partners.

Existing rental customers enjoy the convenience of ready-mix and concrete customers take advantage of equipment rentals at one location. Both profit centers will feed business to the other and build store profits.

Any investment has risks, but Cart-Away Concrete Systems have proven successful in all parts of the country and in hundreds of rental locations.

Most operators report a return on investment in less than two years on equipment that will last over ten years. Ready-mix concrete is the foundation of most construction projects, insuring unlimited demand for the service.

The reward for investing in concrete is a high demand, high profit opportunity that brings in customers from the entire community and expands your business.

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