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CMT Chute

Add on to your existing trailers with two simple assemblies!

180 degree swing!

Simple slide-on, slide-off installation!

Only 40 pounds!

A full 180-degree swing is perfect!

A simple slide-on, slide-off installation!

At only 40 pounds this non-stick plastic makes clean up and transport easy!

Two Simple Assemblies.

1. Mounting Assembly


1. Chute Assembly

The mounting assembly stays with each trailer. The chute assembly can move between trailers

2. Slide the mounting assembly over the rear tilt frame support and center on the drum opening.

Order a mounting assembly for every trailer in your fleet.

2. Slide the square tube opening over the round pivot bar on the chute and pin into place.

3. Insert the tube spacer behind the frame and push the bolt from the bottom. Tighten with washers and nut.
Add Chute
 assemblies as your demand increases...

3. The Chute assembly slides on and off the square tune of the mounting assembly. Align and pin together.

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